1. Log in to the application
  2. Click Custom Colors from the main menu
  3. Click the Custom button
  4. Select the formula you want to edit in the dropdown
  5. Click the blue Edit button to open the selected formula
  1. Select an ingredient from the dropdown
  2. Enter an adjustment amount in the grams field and click one of the action buttons:
    1. The Plus button adds the adjustment amount to that ingredient's weight
    2. The Minus button subtracts the adjustment amount from that ingredient's weight
    3. The Equals button sets that ingredient's weight to the adjustment amount exactly
  1. Click an ingredient in the recipe table to auto-select that ingredient in the dropdown above
  2. Click the icon next to an ingredient to remove that ingredient completely
  1. Click in the Name edit field to change the formula name
  2. Your changes are saved as soon as you tab away from the field